Yukon HRCH Heads Up Larger Than Life MH WCX

HRCH Heads Up Larger Than Life MH WCX

Yukon is an exceptional athlete, stylish, biddable, an excellent marker and is a first class water dog. He is correct structurally and his temperament is outstanding. At 2/1/2 years of age Yukon finished his HRCH, MH and qualified for the 2022 Master National.

Yukon is completely amateur trained, predominantly in an urban terrain environment that he easily transferred into the field. He is also a wonderful companion and hunting dog with an excellent on/off switch. He is calm in the house and all business in the field.

Natural breedings and frozen semen are available. If you are interested in using Yukon please contact Anne Everett at [email protected] or 250-650-5690.

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