Heads Up Sparkle n’ Splash *** MH WCX

“Zest” was my pick from the Ike X Hustle litter. She has more than lived up to her name and is a lot of fun to train and run. Zest bypassed Senior due to the shortage of tests during the Pandemic and went directly into Master this past summer. She finished 2021 with a couple of Master passes, finishing her title in 4 straight passes this summer. Zest is beautiful, fast, watery, an excellent marker and a team player on blinds. She is the great grand daughter of my foundation bitch Diva. Zest has started running Qualifying Stakes and earned a 4th place her first weekend out. She then finished the field trial season with a second place and QAA status!!! Our plans for 2023 include running Qualifying and Amateur Stakes.

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